Decontamination Equipment(DE)

DESCRIPTION DE decontaminates tools, parts and components by eliminating radioactive crud(or sludge) adhered to them by using UT and chemicals. It differs from other commercial systems by providing better automatic control mechanism.
Configuration 0306-1

Model No.  KNT-DECON-01
Size  5,550 × 1,870 × 3,120 mm
Sump  Cleaning Sump : 1,200 Liters
 Rinse Sump : 580 Liters
 Dry Sump : 580 Liters
Consume Power  79.4 kw

Subsystem Descriptions

No. Subsystem Description Remark
1 UT Generator Frequency 28KHz KNT-DECON-01
2 UT Transducer Electric energy transfer to kinetic energy
3 Vibrator -240 vibrators are attached in side vibration plates -120 vibrators are attached in bottom vibration plate
4 SCO Decontaminated by wave energy