Hydrogen Monitoring System

DESCRIPTION HMS is used to monitor the concentration of hydrogen in the containment that can be generated in Design Basis Accident(or Beyond Design Basis Accident). HMS has two different measurement methods(Sampling type and Sensing type) depending on hydrogen sensor location.

SYSTEM DIAGRAM HMS-SP-01(Sampling Type HMS) 0303-1 HMS-SS-01(Sensing Type HMS) 0303-2


  • Environmental Application : Normal Condition, Design Basis Accident(DBA) and Beyond Design Basis Accident(BDBA)
  • Hydrogen Concentration Range: 0 ~ 30 volumetric percent
  • Water Prevent Design for LOCA(Loss Of Coolant Accident) sprHIay
  • Earthquake Resistance Design
  • Radiation Resistance Design(SS type)
  • Equipment Qualification including Software Validation & Verification