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We cordially welcome you to Korea Nuclear technology(KNT). KNT is found in September 25, 1998 and its members are composed of the professional engineers having experiences in nuclear safety and system design from national institutes and industries.

Through consistent research program, KNT has achieved localization of major equipments used for mitigation of severe accident such as, Passive Autocatalytic Recombiner, Hydrogen Monitoring System and Hydrogen Igniter(HI).One seventy nine(179) PARs have already been installed and operating at seven nuclear power plants and are to be supplied to Shin-Uljin 1&2 and UAE Bakara nuclear power plants 1,2,3&4.

KNT has also developed and supplied Spent Fuel Inspection System and Decontamination Equipment(DE) to KHNP since 2000.

Based on the above result, KNT becomes a technology intensive company and globalized by establishing a brother company called “Beijing KNT” in Beijing to expand marketing to China. We, KNT, will put our efforts on enhancement of safety and operability of nuclear power plants and on protecting human life and property from abnormal situation.

Korea Nuclear Technology Co., Ltd
CEO Koh, Byung-Ryungceo