2014.12 Established the Equipment Qualification Team(MKE)
2014.05 Received the Green Certification from MKE
2013.05 Made the Neutron Source Assembly localization contract
2012.10 Made a contract for HMS localization project funded by government(MKE)
2012.06 Made a contract for PAR delivery to UAE BNPP #1~4
2012.06 Received a Grand Prix Award of Nuclear Technology (Prime Minister)
2012.06 Made a contract for Decontamination Equipment delivery to UAE BNPP #1~4
2012.05 Delivered 147 PARs to six(6) Korean NPPs
2011.11 Established a joint venture company “Beijing KNT” in China
2011.11 Received a Green Energy Award from Ministry of Knowledge and Economy (MKE)
2011.06 Delivered the first localized PARs to WSN#1
2010.07 Made the first contract for PAR supply to KHNP
2008.11 Completed the PAR localization project with KHNP fund
2007.05 Licensed the Quality Management System of international standard
1999.01 Established Research and Development Center
1998.09 Founded the company by name of KNT